After the previous post I started working on integrating the stand-alone prototype within SynCE-KPM. As mentioned, at the moment I only have a view on the keys, not yet the values. Furthermore, at the moment there is no error checking, switching a device will not work, and some other minor things ;)

However, as you can see from the screencast

it is already possible to view all the registry keys that are present in the registry. Also, from the screencast you can see the Fetching… node that is shown to the user whenever the actual data is being queried for the first time. It can also be clearly seen that the fetching is done in a separate thread, not related to the GUI thread, because even while fetching, the GUI still is responsive. Any further requests for fetching the user does, are just queued to the dataserver, which will retrieve them in the order they were requested.

I have already thought about how to incorporate the values and I have come up with a solution that uses the current registry and registry key objects, but with a different model. This means I will have to custom models, both subclasses of QAbstractItemModel, using the same underlying data, but only the parts they need.

One thhings I still need to do is determining what to do with updates (i.e. when to refetch keys, when being clicked on, or have the user explicitly request refetch). Also some GUI things need to be changed. At the moment it appears that the current window width of synce-kpm is not enough for a registry editor, might have to make the application a little bit wider. All in all, plenty of things to be done (and sooooo little time… ;) )