Has not been very busy on my weblog lately. Reason for this was that we went on a vacation to the US, and to be more precise to Florida.

We decided to rent a car and just drive around to different places of interest, not really knowing beforehand what our exact route was going to be. We knew that there were some places we definitively wanted to view (i.e. Kennedy Space Center, Miami, Key West, etc) but besides that, nothing was planned. After the vacation was finished we basically  made the following tour through Florida:

[View Larger Map](http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=embed&saddr=Orlando,+Florida&daddr=West+Palm+Beach,+Florida+to:Fort+Lauderdale,+florida+to:Miami,+Fl+to:key+west,+fl+to:Key+largo,+florida+to:Sanibel,+Florida+to:Sarasota,+Florida+to:Tampa,+florida+to:Orlando,+florida&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=26.547055,-80.9191&sspn=6.935266,10.535889&ie=UTF8&ll=27.586198,-82.023926&spn=6.813222,9.338379&z=6)

Besides the above basic tour we made a lot of visits to the different places. The second day we arrived we went to visit the Kennedy Space Center. I only have one word for this place: awesome! Walking there and seeing the sheer size of the rockets required to get humans to the moon is unbelievable. Also, if you look at the room the astronauts had, it is not that much.

After this we drove down to West Palm Beach and from there we started driving US Highway 1 all the way down through Fort Lauderdale, to Miami, and finally all the way to mile marker 0 in Key West. While in Fort Lauderdale, while sipping on a huge Margaritha, we met Mike, who turned out to be a pianist in the Crazy Pianos in Miami. The next day we were in Miami and in the evening we decided to pay a visit to the Crazy Pianos in Miami. Even though it was completely not busy on the Monday evening, it was a really nice evening and even got to speak Dutch to some people again in the US :) Definitively have to pay a visit to the Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen soon ;)

After Miami there was the really nice drive to Key West. Somehow in my mind I had the idea that the overseas highway would be bridges all the time, but it turned out to be one long bridge (the 7 mile bridge) and the rest of the bridges between all the other keys were really short. In Key West we just had a really relaxing time :)

After Key West, our trip started going up north again. After finding a hotel in key Largo, we decided to go the everglades and visit one of the alligator farms. The airboat ride we did there was a blast!! These boats are so extremely loud, but sooooooo much fun :) At the alligator farm we also visited a snake show and an alligator show. During the snake show my wife was chosen as ‘volunteer’ to grab a snake out of a bag and hold it for some time. Luckily, she surived :)

The next part of our trip took us to Sanibel Island, where we visited the Ding ‘Darling’ National refuge. In this refuge we ran into an alligator (or crocodile, don’t know for sure) in the water next to the road. Really amazing to be able to stop the car, get out and take a picture of the animal laying in the water about 6 meters away from where you are standing (without a fence….. ).

After Sanibel we still visited Sarasota and Tampa. In Tampa we decided to go and visit something classical American: a drive-in theater. We watched the movie zombieland from within our car :) This really was a very nice experience. Unfortunately, this was already the last evening again and we had to drive back to Orlando, return the car and wait for our flight back home again….

All in all, it was an awesome vacation!