Now that the moving is almost finished and I have a bit of spare time again, I would like to work a bit more on implementing new things for SynCE-KPM. A lot of people have asked me in the beginning to create a file-browser within SynCE-KPM, though I think that programs like Nautilus are far more suited for this purpose. I have had some ideas about this, and although I am not very much in favor of this, there might still be possibilities to implement this.

One thing I am looking at right now is a remote registry editor within SynCE-KPM that allows you to edit the registry of your device. For this to work I first have to add some additional functionality to the python bindings of the RAPI2 library, which I am working on right now. One of the things I would like to implement is a registry key rename function: Unfortunately, by design you cannot just change a key name; to rename a registry key you must first copy the whole key recursively to the new name and then delete the old key. If somebody does know a better way for doing this for Windows Mobile devices via RAPI, please let me know, really interested in this.

When all the work on the python bindings of librapi2 is finished, I can start working on the QTreeView/QListView stuff that must be added to SynCE-KPM. At the moment really reading into everything that is needed to be able to show the end-user a nice view of the registry on the device.

If you have any other ideas that could be nice additions for SynCE-KPM, please let me know via a comment.