Moved latex-beamer related sources to GitHub

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During my Ph.D. years, I was very active with using LaTeX-beamer for creating my slides and I really loved the simplicity of the package. Unfortunately, nowadays not using it anymore :(

But when I was using it, I wanted to create an easy to use theme that would allow end-users to easily put any image on the background. This led to the create diepen-theme for the LaTeX-beamer package.

Besides the theme, I also create a .sty file which allows you to easily created handouts of your slide-deck with lines for additional notes to be written on.

The source for both of these items has always been on my blog itself. I decided to move them to my GitHub account where you can find them under the beamerthemediepen and latexbeamer-handoutWithNotes repositories.

The README files in the repositories will link to the two pages on this blog describing the two projects:

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