Although I have my drivers license for some time already again, we never got around to purchasing a car. Especially when we were still living in Utrecht, this was not a viable option anyway, because parking the car in the same street was not possible due to lack of parking permit, and very long waiting lists for this…

After we moved to Haarlem, it still was possible to do the majority of our trips via the public transportation, but often this ended in frustration of delayed trains/buses or having to leave at specific times to ensure all connections were still possible to get back home.

For certain cases, the best solution was to rent a car for a day or the weekend. Every time that we rented a car, it became clear that it would be very useful to have one ourselves :)

About two weeks ago we finally found a car that we liked, the new model Fiat Bravo. Finally, yesterday I got the message that it would be ready and this morning I went to pick it up.

The mandatory pictures:

[![Our Fiat Bravo](/content/images/2010/04/fiat-bravo-02.jpg "Our Fiat Bravo")](/content/images/2010/04/fiat-bravo-02.jpg)Our Fiat Bravo
[![Our Fiat Bravo](/content/images/2010/04/fiat-bravo-01.jpg "Our Fiat Bravo")](/content/images/2010/04/fiat-bravo-01.jpg)Our Fiat Bravo
So from now on, we will not have to rely on the public transportation anymore ![:)](