Even though I was not feeling well today (spent day sick at home, having cold shivers all the time…), I did look into one small new feature for SynCE-KPM.

I noticed that on my windows computer, Windows Mobile Device Center was able to show a picture of my device. I was always wondering where this information was taken from. Turns out that this picture is actually taken from the device itself. I guess it must be something prescribed by ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center to have the image /windows/sync.ico present.

After the device is connected, SynCE-KPM will now look if that file exists, and if it does, obtain it and show it to the user in the main window.

Example screen with two different phones I have:

SynCE-KPM now shows device (example 1)SynCE-KPM now shows device (example 1)

SynCE-KPM now shows device (example 2, my HTC HD2)SynCE-KPM now shows device (example 2, my HTC HD2)

I still have the major new feature left: implementing the remote registry editor. This is still on my TODO list, but unfortunately I don’t have as much spare time as I would like to have to work on this.

Another thing that I need to work on with SynCE-KPM is the usage of layout managers instead of not being able to resize as with the current implementation. Will take me some time also. Will get there though, slowly ;)