After some final coding last night, I finally finished the new feature for SynCE-KPM: viewing the registry of your device via SynCE-KPM.

Currently, the feature is only available in the SVN version of SynCE-KPM (which depends on the SVN version of librapi2). However, we are currently thinking about releasing the 0.15 version of SynCE, which would contain this new feature. As soon as more information about the new release is available, you will also see that on my website.

To show the new feature in this version, I decided to create another screencast. While the previous screencast did show a lot, it was relatively boring due to the fact that there was no sound at all. Therefore, I decided to add a voice over to this new screencast, explaining everything in a bit more detail. In the screencast I do not show all features related to the syncing part (via sync-engine) again, because this takes quite some time and this has already been shown in my previous screencast. In the current screencast, sync-engine is not running and only the device management capabilities of SynCE-KPM are shown.

The screencast:

Of course, you can still view the old screencast if you would like to see the display the status of an ongoing sync-process, or installing a CAB file onto your device. This old screencast is in the Lost screencast post on my website. Please note, that this old screencast is without any sound.

When you have the feature of viewing the contents of the registry, of course the next question is to be able to edit the contents of the registry. This is what I see as the next feature to implement in SynCE-KPM, though at the moment I don’t know when I will have time for this. As with this currently implemented new feature, whenever I have time, I will start working on it :)

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please leave a post or send me an email.