Although it has been released for some time already, finally there is the message on my blog ! :)

Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to do this earlier, first of all my time was taken completely by finishing up on my thesis and getting all the details right. After that there was a servercrash at my hosting provider and after that I went on vacation.

The main improvements with SynCE-KPM 0.12 are that some bugs have been fixed and that SynCE-HAL is now supported. This synce-hal is a new connection manager that is intented to replace odccm. The main advantage of synce-hal over odccm is that we do not longer require a separate daemon running (odccm) in the background, but everything is taken care of by HAL. The moment a device is plugged in, HAL will make fire up the needed stuff. Another advantage of SynCE-HAL is that it also is able to work transparently with the legacy way of connecting (i.e. PPP over USB) and that bluetooth is working also (though I don’t know about whether this feature is enabled in the packaged version of synce-hal, I did have it working when running the SVN version of it some time ago).

When people have new ideas of things that can be added to future versions of SynCE-KPM, please let me know and I will see what I can do to implement these wishes. One thing that is still on my own wish list is to implement a remote registry editor. For this I will have to put some more time in pyqt though !:)