When I was a student, I was relatively active with sports: I played field hockey and tried to play squash once or twice a week. However, the last couple of years I was not very active anymore and started to notice that I got in bad shape. So I decided to go and run, which I started somewhere in the mid of January. The main goal I set was to run 10KM under 60 minutes.

Last sunday, there was the 4th international circuit run on the race tracks of Zandvoort. Because I did not have enough of time to enroll for the 12KM just yet, I did the 5KM run. Given the fact that I want to do the 10KM under 60 minutes, I must do the 5KM at least within 30 minutes :) However, my goal for the 5KM was set a bit higher: I wanted to end between 25 and 27 minutes.

The end result was even better than my goal, because my final time was 24 minutes and 42 seconds :) Only thing left to do now is to start improving this time on the 5KM and start running longer distances to get to the 10KM (and next year run the 12KM version of the Circuit run :) )

Action foto at the finish:

[![Action foto finish circuit run 2011](/content/images/2011/03/aktiefoto_guido_circuitrun_2011.jpg "Action foto finish circuit run 2011")](/content/images/2011/03/aktiefoto_guido_circuitrun_2011.jpg)Action foto finish circuit run 2011
One of the nice things of the new smartphones these days is that they contain a GPS receiver also ![:)](http://www.guidodiepen.nl/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif) However, I did find that it was quite a hassle to take my phone with all of the time, so recently I decided to get a new gadget, namely the Garmin Forerunner 305. This is a lot easier to carry with ![:)](http://www.guidodiepen.nl/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif)

The advantage of these GPS loggers is that they can provide a nice overview of the race :)