As you might have read in my previous post, after years of suffering with Windows Mobile, I finally have made the switch to Android by buying a Desire HD.

I was extremely happy with the fact that with the new version of sense that is on the Desire HD, you can add multiple exchange email accounts. However, one of the things that I could not find is to mark all messages in an email box as read. The only possible workaround I could find was to manually select each of the messages, after which I would press “Mark read”. If you have a lot of messages in the mailbox, this is a lot of work :)

I thought that it should be possible to mark all messages at once, but I could not find anything about it on google. After some playing around with it, I finally got it :)

To mark all messages as read, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the HTC Mail app
  • Select any of the messages
    Marking all messages as read in HTC Mail app - Step 01Marking all messages as read in HTC Mail app - Step 01