Last weekend I went for a city trip to Dublin together with my wife. Of course we had to visit two things that Dublin is famous for: the Guiness brewery and the Jameson distillery ;)

At the Jameson distillery you have a guided tour that shows you the process of whiskey making. At the start of the tour, they ask for some volunteers, but we did not yet know for what that would be. I was chosen as one of the volunteers, and at the end of the tour it was clear what the task was: a whiskey tasting event :) We had three shots of whiskey, one Jameson, one Jack Daniels, and one Jimmy Walker and at the end we had to answer the question which of these three was the best ;) To prove that I gave the right answer I got the following certificate:

![Jameson whiskey tasting certificate](/content/images/2009/03/jamesoncertificate.jpg "Jameson Whiskey tasting certificate")Jameson whiskey tasting certificate
I have to say that this tour was really good fun.

The tour at the Guiness brewery was completely different, you could just walk through the complete museum by yourself, and at the end of the tour there was the complementary pint of Guiness in the Gravity bar, which is on the 7th floor with an amazing view over Dublin.

If you are planning to go to Dublin, I can recommend the above two activities :)