Recently I got a new phone: the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Before this I had pretty much every phone of the MDA series of T-Mobile (the branded version of the HTC phones). From the first windows mobile phone I got I have always had the ones with a QWERTY keyboard. I found this to be very useful when I am typing emails or surfing the internet. So when my contract was ending, I decided that again I wanted to have a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and fortunately t-mobile just released their branded X1 :)

One of the new things of the X1 is the panel display, where you have the 9 different panels to access different kind of tasks easily. This new function was something I did not really use. One thing I still was missing for windows mobile was a good native client for Facebook. My wife has a blackberry from her work and there is a very nice facebook client for the blackberry. It struck me as a bit odd that no really good client yet existed for Windows Mobile. I even got to the point of thinking how difficult it would be to start programming a simple client myself…..

Luckily, this last bit was not needed and I finally found a use for the panels. When looking at the sony ericsson X1 page, I found that there was a new facebook panel, which appears to be working quite well. It sure beats using the mobile portal :)

Waiting for more interesting applications, either as a panel for the X1, or just windows mobile applications in general.