As mentioned in my previous post, for the company I work for I have created a facebook page. Initially, I would always get to see the “Getting Started” page of facebook whenever I was using my personal account to view the AIMMS facebook page. After I got enough of likes, this getting started tab page was automatically removed.

However, if I used my personal account to view the facebook page, I still would not be able to see any of the custom tab pages I created: almost every tab page I would click on resulted in a redirect to the getting started page of facebook, which redirected automatically again to, which defaulted to showing the wall of the AIMMS facebook page. This was especially annoying for the insights, as I was not able to view the insights. The only workaround for this was to click on the link “Use facebook as AIMMS”, after which I was able to see the insights. I just did not like the additional steps required for it :)

After I created the page, I made one of my colleages an administrator also. The other day I checked with him and when he was using his account, he was able to get to the insights tab page and all the other tab pages, while being logged in with his personal account.

On the internet, the only thing I could find about the skip_nax_wizard=true, is that it would automatically disappear. After I saw that for my colleague there was no problem, I figured there must have gone something wrong with my account.

I filed a bug-report with facebook and right away got the message that they will read all the bugs, but might not respond to them. However, after a couple of days, I went back to the company facebook page with my personal account and all of a sudden I got two additional questions again, one of which was to provide a picture for the facebook page (which I already had set up). It appeared somehow a small reset was done somewhere.

The best news was that from this moment on, I am now able to view the insights of the company page without having to first use facebook as AIMMS again!

If you do have a similar problem, you might want to try to just send an error report to facebook.